Local Accommodation


A local accommodation establishment is considered to be all those that meet the requirements and provide temporary accommodation services to tourists, upon payment, provided that it doesn’t have the conditions to be considered a tourist resort. There are four types of Local Accommodation establishments:


Housing - Autonomous building of single-family character;

Apartment - Consisting of an autonomous fraction of a building or urban building, susceptible of independent use;

Accommodation Establishment – Hostel;

Rooms - Maximum of nine rooms to be rented in the owner's permanent residence (new modality since the 2018 amendments [law nº 62/2018]).


Since the changes in 2018, the owners have been able to operate a maximum of 7 local accommodation establishments, the city council can cancel the registration of the establishment and carry out its inspection. It’s mandatory to affix the identification plate next to the entrance of the establishment as well as to have a complaints book, the registration can be made at the «Balcão Único Eletrônico», which the city council can oppose within 10 days or 20 if it is a hostel.


This publication is for information only and consultation of official documentation is essential.

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