How does home automation help us save energy at home?


Energy saving is an issue that should concern us all and that can be avoided through the use of home automation. High energy consumption at home is not only a large economic expense, but also produces a negative impact on the environment due to CO2 emissions and all the pollution it produces.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of what each equipment or appliance in our home consumes and control its operation. The only way to get control over our house and all that's inside is to install a home system.


But after all, what is domotics?

Home automation is a set of intelligent technologies that can be used by people to automate their homes. It is used to remotely control the operation of equipment, appliances, facilities and areas of the house through a device with internet. All this, facilitates the daily activities of users in their own home, thus offering comfort, safety and economy.

If we talk about home automation or smarthomes in energy saving, thanks to the management we will have on the devices in our home, we can make the devices more energy efficient, which means savings between 25% and 40% in the electricity bill, compared to a traditional home.

Applications where domotics help us save more on energy.

While it is true that all areas of the house today can be controlled through home automation, we will discuss the three home systems where you can save more energy:


  • Lighting

Thanks to the domotics, intensity regulators associated with light sensors have been created. These sensors detect the amount of sunlight to give a signal to the installed system, and in this way the intensity of the lamps is automatically regulated. This means great savings, as the light at home will be appropriate to your needs, depending on the time of day, without the need to spend more than you need.

Domotics also save electricity by detecting the movement of people. Allows the light to turn on when someone enters a room and automatically turns off when the space is empty.

For homes where there are pets, it is even possible to regulate from the smartphone the weight of the animal so that the system knows how to react to the needs of the same. Let us remember that, according to studies, home lighting accounts for 25% of electricity consumption. Therefore, a house that has a home system will greatly benefit your pocket.


  • Air conditioning, another task of the domotics

One of the great ways to save energy in our home is to take care of the air conditioning, making efficient use of heating and air conditioning. With the domotics you can program or manage the air conditioning remotely. That way, they'll be connected just for as long as it takes for your home to reach the ideal temperature.

In addition, the use of smart thermostats is recommended because they allow it to adapt to the temperature while there is someone at home, remaining at the ideal temperature. To achieve this, you must set the barometers according to your tastes. In addition, these products help to acclimatise only a few rooms of the house to save more.


  • Household appliances

The devices we have in our house represent 15% of the energy bill. For this reason, it is important to have greater control over them.

There are devices that can be programmed from an application, and in this way will only work at the time of day when the price of electricity is cheaper. In addition, these devices can be put into "standby mode", that is, we can schedule the automatic disconnection of non-priority devices.


What do I need to implement home automation?

It is recommended to hire specialists in the remodeling of houses so that they can indicate the necessary products according to the needs of your home.

It is important to know that a smart and automated home works with the internet.  Therefore, it is recommended to have a good and fast internet speed so that there are no faults.

The advice is to start with something simpler. Most people think they need to spend a lot of money, but the truth is that you can start buying cheaper technology products.

Some examples of these devices are Alexa or Google, smart electrical extensions, lamps, among others.

Home automation helps us improve the quality of life because it facilitates housework, to take greater care of the environment and provides security for those who live in the house, having a great deal of control of resources.

Technology advances and we have to be part of it.

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