How to organize a change of house?


Moving house is part of our life and it's almost always something we want, but when the day approaches, it's when you realize you can take a "hard work" if you don't organize with enough time.

Organizing a change is not easy, but it is also not the end of the world, because if it is well planned, you will be able to take advantage of the new house and the whole process that the change entails.


Organize your change step by step

The main point for a successful change is time and organization. If you organize yourself with a time one or two months before, when the day comes, you will have everything controlled, avoiding moments of great stress.

By organizing everything in advance, it will be easier to solve problems as they arise, such as having all the boxes ready so that nothing is left out.

With a good organization and without forgetting small details, you can make a very quiet house change from start to finish.


Review everything you have

The move is the perfect time to decide what to take to your new home, throw away or even donate. So you'll avoid taking too many things to your new home, as it will only take up meaningless space.

For example, if you have broken objects, it is best to get rid of them or donate clothes that you never wear and that are in good condition. In the end, it's worth reviewing everything calmly and deciding what to keep and what not.


Make a to-do list

Lists are the best friends you can have during the move. Writing down everything you need to do will help you get a clearer view of the overall process. Besides, it keeps you from not forgetting anything important.

Some important elements are: having the right size of boxes, markers to identify them, adhesive tape, scissors, among others.


Time to pack

Bags with personal clothes and accessories are one of the last things to do before moving into your new home. Therefore it is necessary to have the clothes organized in advance.

It is important that this bag is considered as a holiday bag as it should include personal hygiene accessories. This is mainly to facilitate your first days in your new home. Unpacking always takes time, and even more put everything in place. Therefore, it is best to be careful that you have the two clothes, objects or accessories that you use most at your fingertips.

To have greater control over your belongings, and to ensure that they are transported, it is best that you take them on your personal transport. It is important that items such as jewelry or important documents are carried in the personal bag. That way they'll be safer.


Identified boxes

One recommendation is that the boxes be identified by division. For example, if you have two children, place each other's objects in a different box and identify them. So when you get home, you can put the boxes directly in that room.



If the refrigerator is also part of the change, a day earlier, it is advisable to clean and empty it. Take into account what you will need to take to the new home and also the shelf life of what you have.


New address

A change is not only moving from one house to another, it also means changing addresses with the bank, among other entities or companies. Do not forget that you must request in advance the cancellation of the contract of light,gas and water so that then do not pay the consumption so that you did not.

You can also cancel the telecommunications contract you have, but you should be careful if you will not suffer some kind of penalty, since many of them may have a mandatory stay period.



The market already offers a vast number of companies that are able to facilitate change and avoid headaches. If you think about hiring the change service, know that you should do a survey, compare rates and services included. Request budgets, and confirm the responsibilities you can assume before your belongings, and of course, insurance added to this type of service. A tip: Don't hire just based on the price.

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