Home Staging: do you know what it is?

When you want to sell a house, the first thing you think is: what is the best way to make the property more appealing to potential buyers? At some points, the reform is more than necessary for the property esthetic appreciation. However, due to financial difficulties, it's not always possible to give the house every change necessary to ensure that the property becomes more attractive. Home Staging appears to assist in the valorization of your house without having to shell out major investments in a renovation.

Home staging is a service that has the function to let the property more attractive using the existing furniture in the place. It's different than interior decor, which means customizing the property with buyers' tastes, home staging is exactly the opposite, using existing furniture to create a scenario more appealing.

D'Alma Portuguesa gives you some tips that we already use every time we get a real estate for sale or rent in order to make it more attractive:

1. Cleaning

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects when a potential buyer visits your property. Please note, check every nook and cranny of the House. The vast majority of the time, the owners forget some of the details that can make a difference, such as lampshades, ceiling fans, windows, gutters, and even toilet seats.

2. The smell

Nobody wants to buy a house you can't bear the smell for more than 5 minutes. The smells give away the wrong message to the buyer, which will automatically downgrade the property. If the smell is coming from pets, these odors need to be deleted or removed quickly, you don't know if the future buyer has any health problems or allergies. If the House is uninhabitable is common that some smells appear from the sewers, we recommend flush and discharge all toilets and open all taps during 5 minutes a few hours before the visit.

3. Personal Objects

Potential buyers tend to begin to imagine their lives in the new building. If your personal belongings, such as (pictures and religious objects) are everywhere, they won't be able to have that perception. To sell the House, should appeal to the emotional side of the buyer and make him/her feel at home and not in your home.

4. Works and Repairs

To be able to sell your home it is important that the buyer does not notice on the first visit that buying your property implies higher costs in repairs, such as repairing faucets and plumbing fixtures, windows and loose doorknobs or damp walls. The best way to leave a good impression on a buyer is to have everything in full working condition.


These are basic tips that will make selling your House a faster process and add value to your property.


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