Energy Certificate: What it is, where to ask for, and how much does it cost?

The energetic certificate is mandatory in new and old buildings from the time they are placed on the market for sale or lease, by the owners or real estate agents. The document must be presented after the contract of purchase/sale, lease or rental, certifying the information disclosed at first about the energy class to which the property belongs. Also, the buildings that pass through interventions higher than 25% of its value are required to request the issuance of the attestation.


What is an energy certificate?

It is a document that evaluates the energy efficiency of a property on a scale from A + (very efficient) to F (ineffective), issued by technicians authorized by the Agency for energy (ADENE). It contains information about the characteristics of energy consumption related to air conditioning and hot water. Indicates improvement measures to reduce consumption, such as installing double glazing or strengthening the isolation, among others. The document is valid for 10 years for houses and small trading houses or service buildings. 

How To Get It?

Search for qualified experts in your area of residence in Check prices with different experts because the price can vary depending on the technician, the type of property and location. Proceed with the application for certification when gathered with the necessary documentation. After the evaluation conducted on a visit to the property, the expert makes the calculations that will be at the energy certification system and the air quality inside the buildings.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fees for registration and issuance of a certificate for a dwelling vary between €28 (T0 and T1) €65 (T6 or higher), plus tax. In the case of trade and services buildings, between €135 (area until 250 m2) and €950 (more than 5000 m2), plus tax. To this value is added the service price charged by the expert.

What documents are required?

Copies of the plan of the building, urban building tax book (print from the finance Portal), certificate of registration in the registry office and housing credits (or other documents with technical specifications of materials and HVAC systems and hot water s production system used).


D'Alma Portuguesa maintains several partnerships. So you can make your investment with full discretion, security, and guarantee, we have at your disposal several services including obtaining the attestation. 

Important: Who advertise the sale or lease of a house without energy efficiency certificate is subject to a fine between 250€ and 3740€ (2500€ to  44 890€ in real estate companies).





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