Golden Visas

After the changes to the Residence visas regime for investment activity, which in 2015 expanded the investment of foreigners to areas such as urban rehabilitation or science, there is, in 2020, a new proposal by the PS (a Portuguese political party) on the table.
This proposal shows the intention to restrict the acquisition of visas to the regions of the interior, leaving out Lisbon and Porto. This measure aims at the decentralization and the attraction of investors' attention to other parts of the country.
The 2015 amendments allowed the allocation of residence visas to those who, for example, acquire "real estate, of which the construction has been completed for at least 30 years or located in an urban rehabilitation area and carrying out rehabilitation works of the immovable property acquired" whose value is equal or superior to 350,000€.
Whoever transfers capital in half a million euros, or more, for the purchase of units of participation in investment funds or venture capital dedicated to the capitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, has also benefited, as well as if you transfer capital in the amount of 250,000€, or more, in investment or support for artistic production, recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage.
In addition to these, those who transfer capital equal to or greater than 350,000 €, to be applied in research activities developed by public or private institutions of scientific research, integrated into the scientific and technological system national level, may also obtain their permanent residence visa.
Since the implementation in October 2012 to 2018 6,962 golden visas have been allocated, with a total investment of more than 4 billion euros. China is the country to which more Golden Visas were attributed, with Brazil in second place.

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